Diamond ring goes to charity

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An anonymous donor in Miami dropped a $2000 worth diamond ring into a Salvation Army kettle last week. At noon a woman, who wishes to stay anonymous, called the office and said she had left something special in the kettle in front of Kmart.

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Giving birth on roof of flooded health center

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Annaliza Tumanda, A Filipino woman, had to give birth on a roof of a flooded health center after brought there by rescuers when her house got destroyed.

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Police giving gift cards

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A North Texas police department decided to hand out gift cards to good drivers and by that reward good traffic habits. The police officers are pulling over good drivers and instead of a ticket giving them a $10 gift card.

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Solar’s record breaking quarter

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According to a report by the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA), the 3rd quarter of 2011 was record breaking quarter in which solar installations in the U.S. hit  449 megawatts of new capacity in 3 months.

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Girl reunite with family after 7 years

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A girl from Indonesia, who was swept away in the Indian Ocean tsunami 7 years ago,  tracked her parents, who had long lost hope of finding her alive last week.

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Won a new house after losing their home in fire

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Doris and Neal Davis, married couple of 30 years who lost their house during a fire back in May, were formally announced last week as the winners of the first Clayton Dream Home Giveaway. The couple won a 2,300-square-foot manufactured home in a style of their choosing, plus the inside appliances in the total value of $150,000.

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After 8 years, dog reunited with family

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At 2003, Petunia, an American Staffordshire terrier went missing from the family farm at Virginia. This dog was found few weeks ago in Northern California and will be returning home for the holidays.

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Breast cancer drugs show big promise

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Experts say that 2 new breast cancer medicines could mark the biggest advances in the last decade.  Both drugs significantly delay the time until women with very advanced cases get worse.

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Baseball Player Donates $1.2 Million To Local Schools

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Ryan Howard, a baseball player for the Philadelphia Phillies is donating Adidas sportswear valued at more than $1 million to the cash-strapped Philadelphia school district.

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Secret Santa at Reading

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A secret Santa handed $100 bills to people he thought needed some extra help at Christmastime. The secret Santa is estimated to give away $20,000 of his own money.

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